There are many factors which can influence a person visiting a business, it can be shop windows, lighting, virality of messages and also that evocative and curious perfume encouraging us to enter from store outdoor.

A good scent is proven to be one of decisive factors for a potential customer to enter the store and purchase a product. According to a study conducted on the impact of odors and emotions, 84,2 per cent of participants thought that te smell of a store influences their decisión to enter or not, that is why nebulization refills we produce at Marofran are so important for professional use to cover large areas.

Thanks to nebulization system there are places where you feel confortable to stay, you can spend a lot time in relaxing and enjoying your stay, this is partly due to the aroma it gives off, since 75 75 per cent of sensations affecting a person come from the sense of smell.

Within our customers we have important marketing specialist that every day manage scent marketing and who know and be ton the power of this envirommental systems, the know how to stay in customers mind, so they trust us. At Marofran Industries we can design your own brand aroma and spread it through the air thanks to imperceptible smoke of powerful nebulization refills designed to make positive emotions feel on the skin.

Thanks to our technical team at Marofran we have a wide range of nebulization fragrances that seek to make these customers feel confortable with each aroma. These fragrances make customers unbeatable ambassadors and brand influencers, accomplices and loyal and satisfied customers.NEBULIZATION IS THE ENTRANCE DOOR FOR CUSTOMERS:

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